Kangtai herbal tea
China health industry potential Herbal drinks
Ability and ability to relieve the help of the disease and pain, In the Kangtai herbal tea have the study and
the confidence to have as a field in order to follow the help of people who met in the part of people who come to seek help.
We are relentlessly based on practice, results-oriented, health as the goal, to Boli to heritage, to down-to-earth manner to help those who come to help the people.
We have the physical and mental health-based diagnosis and treatment has been mastered the technical advantages for his rehabilitation to provide the most favorable solution.
Continuous research on diagnosis and treatment technology is Kangtai's strategy, we obey the mission, steady progress, unity and conservative, not fame and fortune.
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About Kangtai herbal tea
Kangtai herbal tea originated: No.68 pass Menghill Loso Town Guiping City Guangxi China Kangtai herbal tea founder: Mr.KunLiang and His wife[Mrs.YingLu]
Mr.KunLiang couple production of herbal tea in market Rongbian village Shunde Foshan City Guangdong China to be able to promote and the audience after recognition, the audience' tea 'in the part of people know their couples in Guiping City Guangxi, and this part of the word of mouth "Guiping City, Guangxi people to open herbal tea to sell herbal tea is very effective" ....Then there live in the Rongbian surrounding villages and towns (Like: Bianjiao, Dacen, Huakou, Guizhou, Rongqi, Haiwei, Nanqu, Shangjiashi, Suixiang, Siji etc. place) to buy reference herbal tea, So there are everywhere claiming to be Guiping City Guangxi people selling herbal tea (or audience ask you is not Guiping City people in Guangxi, are the answer is the case). Only a small part of the villagers understand the dialect to know whether to find the right person.